Messages from the book of John

John 21:15-25
Restoring Vision (Part 2): The disciples had failed Jesus. They knew it and Jesus knew it. But Jesus restores. In this message, we see Jesus restoring Peter to his calling, and challenging all of us to break out of old mindsets and reach higher.
Restoring Vision (Part 1): In spite of the Resurrection, the disciples had lost at least some of their vision. Jesus began to restore their vision, and to restore their hope. He still does this for us today.
John 20:19-31
Receiving the Promises: This section of scripture marks the change of epochs between the old and new covenants. It holds amazing promises for those who understand Kingdom, and who are willing to pursue Jesus' promises.
Firstfruits Fulfilled: The old covenant feasts were put into place to prophesy of Jesus coming, his life, death, and resurrection. He rose again on the Feast of Firstfruits. He is the firstfruit offering guaranteeing we will rise with him.
John 19:31-42
This Day of Preparation: John repeats that it was the day of preparation three different times during the passion narrative. As we examine the events surrounding Jesus' suffering, death, and burial, we are reminded that every day is our day of preparation.
John 19:17-30
Crushing Satan's Head: While we tend to dwell on the suffering of Christ in the Passion accounts, the Bible has a different focus. That focus is victory over sin, death, and Satan. See the Passion from a different perspective as Jesus brings his heel down on Satan's head.
John 18:38b-19:16
The One Enthroned in Heaven Accomplishes His Plan: From the very beginning, Jesus demonstrated that his suffering and death was the Father's plan. Pilate, though he demonstrated his own evil will, was in the grip of political intrigue that left him with no choice but to crucify Jesus. This message will encourage all those who are grieved by the obvious evil demonstrated in world events, and remind them that the Father is always working all things for good.
John 18:19-38a
Following the Truth: Truth was on display at Jesus' trial, but few could see it. Truth was on display, but some closed their eyes to it. Jesus is the truth. The implications of what that means are on display in this teaching.
True Authority Versus Bluster: Jesus walked in true authority, Peter did not. When we compare the true authority of Jesus with the bluster of Peter, we learn to grow in that true authority in new ways.
John 17:13-26
Sanctified for Power: Jesus set himself apart so that we might be set apart in the same way. The word "holy" means "set apart." When we are set apart from the world, we step into true power.
Bringing Glory to the Father: Jesus desired to glorify the Father, and to be glorified by the Father. As he prays for his disciples, and for us, he highlights the importance of bringing glory to our Father in heaven, and to his Son.
John 16:16-33
Faith Through Tribulation: As Jesus brings the Last Supper to a close, he reveals the overcoming nature of their mission to the disciples. At the same time he reveals the path to joy in their lives, and ours.
John 15:26-16:15
Jesus' Communication Plan: As Jesus prepares his disciples for his departure, he reveals his communication plan to them. Jesus explains not only that he is sending the Holy Spirit, but he also explains the Holy Spirit's vital role in the New Testament era.
John 15:12-25
The Heart of the Matter: Relationship - In this passage, Jesus invites us to become his friends with whom he shares many things. He reminds us that the path of friendship is paved by obedience. That obedience bears fruit that lasts, and results in answered prayer.
Allowing the Lord to Make His Home with You: Jesus invited his followers to have the atmosphere of heaven in their homes. In this message, he shows them how, and also explains the negative consequences a Christian encounters when they drift from him.
John 14:15-31
Recognizing the True Church: The true Church looks different than the things we call church. The true Church is marked by the presence of the Holy Spirit who remodels God's people to obey Jesus. When we do, the Father and Son make their home with us, manifesting their presence in obvious ways.
John 13:36-14:14
The Power of Right Relationship: Once Judas had left the room, Jesus begins to teach his disciples about the vital nature of his relationship with them. From power on earth, to access to the Father, it is vital that we have the right relationships in our lives.
John 13:18-35
Dealing with Darkness: Dealing with Darkness: Before Jesus reveals the mysteries of Kingdom life, he deals with the darkness Judas brought to the table, and releases light to the remaining darkness in his other disciples. In doing this, he shows us how to deal with darkness.
The Path of Service: As the disciples jostled for position at their last meal with Jesus, he demonstrated the key difference between the Church and the world. The world system serves it leaders. In the Church system, the leaders are servants of all. When we forget this, we lose our way in the Kingdom of God.
John 12:34-50
Seizing Opportunity: The people gathered around Jesus hesitated when they needed to embrace him with all their heart. Even today, we have opportunities that we must seize in order to step fully into the light.
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