This seventeen part video series will help you understand much more about your spiritual gifts than you now do. Each video is being recorded at our Friday evening meetings during the first five months of 2017.

WEEK 1: Distributed as He Determines

This study of spiritual gifts explains the role of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in our spiritual gifts, and frees us to walk in our gifts without insecurity. The gifts the Holy Spirit gives us are diverse; the opportunities that Jesus provides for each gift abound; and the divine energy that the Father releases through the gifts are beyond our imagination. This study will help you understand how to step more fully into your gifts.

WEEK 2: Prophecy

We often speak of prophetic gifts to describe all the revelatory gifts. However, when we do this, we are being imprecise. The prophetic gift is a specific revelatory gift that is different than other revelatory gifts. It is a gift that demonstrates God's authority. This study works through the Scriptures that highlight this fact.

WEEK 3: Service

The gift of service is far more varied in its use than we can begin to imagine. However, it made its appearance in the Body of Christ as a hospitality gift, and was unleashed from there. All our gifts are vital for the full functioning of the Church, however, this gift provides spiritual oil so that the other gifts can function most effectively.

WEEK 4: Teaching

The teaching gift is one of those gifts in the Body of Christ that shows up everywhere. This study will examine the many different ways that God unleashes this gift, and how he intends to use it in a broad variety of ways in his Church.

WEEK 5: Encouraging

Encouragement is a basic need in the Body of Christ, and in the world. God has empowered his people to use this gift to supernatural effect. This study will help those who have this gift to use it with more effect.

WEEK 6: Sharing

Sharing with a generous heart, or as the NIV translates, contributing to the needs of others, is a spiritual gift that releases great life in the Body of Christ. This study will help us better understand this gift, and will help those who have it use it more freely.

WEEK 7: Leading

Governing, managing, leading, these are all terms that encompass different aspects of this spiritual gift. This study will help you understand this gift in its variety of uses, and discover if this is a gift that God wants to unleash at a higher level in your life.

WEEK 8: Mercy

Some of the spiritual gifts are so broad in scope, that one suspects that the majority of people in the Body of Christ have them in some form or fashion. Mercy is one such gift. This study is a survey of what the Bible teaches about mercy, and how it can be released in the Body of Christ.

WEEK 9: Wisdom

The spiritual gift of wisdom is one of those gifts that can function almost in the background. It often functions while we are involved in other activities, bringing God's wisdom to bear on our daily routines. This survey of the gift of wisdom will help you function more effectively in this gift that applies God's insights directly to your situation.

WEEK 10: Knowledge

The gift of knowledge is one of those gifts that can take our breath away in astonishment when someone ministers with it in a spectacular way. It is a gift that can open doors, and can be used to prepare people's hearts for ministry in a profound way. However, unless it is used correctly, it can also create difficulty and pain in a Christian congregation. This study will help avoid the pitfalls, while at the same time helping us see the great potential of this gift.

WEEK 11: Faith

The gift of faith in an extension and amplification of saving faith in the life of a Christian. A Christian lives by faith, however, the gift of faith is a spiritual gift that the Holy Spirit gives to some Christians to release supernatural authority and deliverance as needed. This study will further define this gift, and help us recognize opportunities and obstacles that come with it.

WEEK 12: Healing

The gifts of healing are a group of gifts that release supernatural healing. While doctors, and those who work to help heal people, may certainly have a variety of gifts, unless those gifts release supernatural power for healing, the do not have this family of gifts. Learn more about this power gift, and how it is energized.

WEEK 13: Miracles

The Gift of Miracles is a gift with broad applications. While it can look like the gift of faith, it is about the supernatural energy that is available to those with this gift. This message will explore several biblical examples of power gifts, and will help us understand more fully how this and other gifts are activated in our lives.

WEEK 14: Discernment

There isn't a lot of information on the Gift of Discernment that is available. In this message, Randal draws on an understanding of how Paul described discernment, as well as personal experience seeing this gift in action, to help us understand this gift more fully.

WEEK 15: Languages and Interpretation

There is much confusion in the body of Christ about this gift. Some of the confusion is because of the less than up-to-date language translations continue to use when speaking of this gift, and misunderstandings about how this gift operates. In this clear study of the gift, you will learn about the biblical gift of languages, and the gift of interpretation, and understand the gift as Paul intended to communicate it.

WEEK 16: Helps

The Gift of Helps is an infrastructure gift, that is, it isn't usually a flashy upfront type of gift, but without it, it would be difficult to build the infrastructure upon which life and ministry is launched. The Greek word for "helps" also means "to make an alliance with." That fact gives us insight into the true nature of this gift. In this message, you will learn more about the function of this gift, and how to step into it.

WEEK 17: Government

Though some translations have mischaracterized this gift as an administration gift, it's true purpose is to provide government and guidance. This study will explain why this gift is not about administrative giftings, and challenge us to use this gift in the variety of settings that God has called us to use it.