New Dawn Church was called into existence in 1995. At the time, Randy had been pastoring Shepherd of the Springs Church in Coral Springs for eight years. In May, 1995, a well-known prophet called him out of a large meeting and told him there would be a New Dawn. In July of 1995, Shepherd of the Springs Church and Praise Harvest Church met for a joint worship service with the intent of exploring a merger. A different prophet who happened to attend that meeting, without any knowledge of the previous word, declared that this joining of congregations was a new dawn. Our congregation was born at that point. Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn -Isaiah 60:3.

Our history has been a prophetic one. Our congregation exists to equip God's people for the works of ministry, especially in the area of the prophetic and healing gifts. The Lord has given us "Mountain Top" experiences throughout our history in order to encourage us to persevere in our pursuit of Him, and the gifts that He offers.

A seminal point in our prophetic development occurred during 1998 and 1999. In 1998 the Lord began to tell us, through dreams and visions, that a hurricane named Irene was going to hit South Florida by surprise. When we checked the hurricane names, we noted that an Irene was listed for 1999. The Lord also showed us that Irene would be a major hurricane, but invited us to use our prayer authority to diminish the strength of the hurricane.

In March of 1999, we began to alert other Broward churches, and began to pray with several of them. Our prayer was that Hurricane Irene would not bring significant damage to our area, and that lives would be preserved. We prayed earnestly that it would not be a major hurricane. These congregations met three different times during 1999.

On October 1, 1999, the West Palm Beach affiliate of NBC (WPTV) interviewed Randy about the prophecy. What was at first intended to be an interview which raised eyebrows at our belief, became a call to prayer for all of Broward and Palm Beach Counties. That interview can be seen at our Hurricane Irene page.

Hurricane Irene did hit South Florida by surprise on October 15, 1999. It was a Category 1 hurricane when it hit, rather than the major storm that God first warned us about.

This storm taught many things about God's desire to protect South Florida, His desire to communicate with His people, the authority He has given His people in prayer, and a part of our role in South Florida. Since then we have seen many miracles in answered prayer against other hurricanes as we have exercised authority in prayer over weather systems.

Please see the following archive of the way God spoke to us, and the timelines, in order to learn more about how God spoke to us: Hurricane Irene



Move to a New Location

During the last quarter of 2010 the Lord made it clear that it was time for our congregation to move from Wiles Road in Coral Springs. We had attempted to move many times during our sixteen years at the Wiles Road location, but the Lord did not open the doors. As we began to push on the doors in 2010, they began to open. We began to explore a move to our current location at 9335 W. Sample Road in Coral Springs.

On the Sunday that we announced to the congregation that we intended to move to the Sample Road location, a friend who knew nothing of our intent, was instructed by the Lord to send us a message. That message came via text on that Sunday evening. It simply said, "There is a Miracle on 34th Street." When we checked Google Maps, we discovered that Sample Road is also 34th Street. It isn't called 34th Street, so we didn't get the text message at first. But when we discovered that we were moving to 34th Street, the text message gave us encouragement and understanding that we were walking in the will of God as we built out the new location and moved into it.

We are seeing miracles at our new location. We are excited about seeing many more.